The long-term impact of mindsets


Research Initiative

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Education and society; Inclusion; Policy and research; Teachers, teaching and learning

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North America

Professor Carol S. Dweck was a driving force behind the initiative “Long-term Follow-up of National Study of Learning Mindsets 2018-2019” led by Professor David Yeager at University of Texas, Austin.

The study aims to achieve the objectives of: 

  • Understanding the long-term impact of mindsets on students’ educational futures.
  • Creating a first-of-its-kind dataset of nationally representative sample of schools in the U.S. for mindset intervention research 
  • Guiding the development of a stronger theory about mindsets while focusing on the important role of classroom contexts in supporting students’ mindsets and enhancing their effects on learning.

The initial scientific report on this project appeared in the journal Nature in August, 2019:

Yeager, D.S., Hanselman, P., Walton, G.M., Murray, J., … & Dweck, C.S. (2019). A national experiment reveals where a growth mindset improves achievement. Nature, 573, 364-369.

This paper won the Best Publication of the Year Award, from the Behavioral Science and Policy Association (2020) and has been accessed online almost 100,000 times since its publication.

A second article is forthcoming and other research reports and scientific manuscripts are expected to be ready in 2021.