Culturally Inclusive Growth Mindset Classrooms


Research Initiative

Education theme

Education and society; Inclusion; Policy and research; Teachers, teaching and learning

Focus by region

North America

Professor Carol S. Dweck helped propel the initiative “Enhancing Cultural Toolkits and Student Mindsets Teacher Training Institute,” led by Professor Stephanie Fryberg of the University of Michigan (previously at the University of Washington) and Professor Mary Murphy of Indiana University.

The purposes of this study are:

  • To scale up the teaching training curriculum by delivering it online, establishing partnerships that will aid in scaling, and launching a Hybrid Institute to pilot the training modules developed
  • The Yidan Prize funds is supporting the continue development and dissemination of a teacher training curriculum that trains teachers to create sustainable Culturally Inclusive Growth Mindset (CIGM) Classrooms and enhance educational experiences, particularly for racial minority and low-income students.
  • The core beliefs of CIGM Classrooms are that 1) students from all backgrounds (e.g., race/class/gender) can and will make important contributions, and 2) all students can grow their abilities through effective effort, good strategies, and sensitive support from teachers and peers. Rather than focusing on perfect performance, students understand that the best learning involves confusion, mistakes, and mastery over time, and teachers seek to optimize and highlight all students’ progress and growth.

The Hybrid Institute is expected to be launched by summer 2021. 

The initial report of module efficacy aims to be ready by 2022.