The Escuela Nueva education model


Development Initiative

Education theme

Delivery systems; Education and society; Inclusion; Policy and research; Teachers, teaching and learning

Focus by region

South America

The Yidan Prize funds are used to support the strategic developments of Fundación Escuela Nueva, focusing on two main initiatives

The first initiative entails providing matching funds to implement the Escuela Nueva (EN) model. This is done by incentivizing Colombia’s local governments and education authorities of a number of small municipalities to implement the EN model in rural schools, by providing matching funds of up to 30% of the total cost of the intervention. 

The goal is to contribute to Colombia’s peace building efforts in areas affected by armed conflict, and provide equal opportunities for quality education to rural children. 

The second initiative involves executing and developing specific activities for internal R&D initiatives with aims to:

  • Improve curriculum design and production of learning materials by updating and finalizing the print edition of instructional tools and learning guides for children in primary grades (1st – 5th) and the 9th grade
  • Strengthen a community of practice by developing FEN’s Renueva virtual campus, planning FEN’s IV International Congress on EN, and establish a network of scholars
  • Continuously refine and improve FEN’s Monitoring and Evaluation system, including data collection processes and reporting
  • Strengthen a coalition of partners through mid and long term partnerships that help consolidate the EN Movement and raise funds for developing strategic projects, actions, and R&D investments