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Delivery systems; Education and society; Inclusion; Policy and research; Teachers, teaching and learning; Technology

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Yidan Prize funds were applied as seed funding to develop edX MicroBachelors Programs

The new credential promises to transform higher education and lower the time and cost of college through career-relevant, industry-endorsed, modular online programs.

The programs are designed for the members of the workforce most at risk to be displaced by automation and other changes in the workplace.

Target learners may have a high school diploma but cannot pursue a college degree due to cost, time and relevancy barriers. They may also be people who need new skills but not a full college degree to launch or advance their career.

For learners who wish to complete a full undergraduate degree, the credential will also provide a pathway to college by counting towards university credit upon admission into a network of selected US and international universities, including edX partner members and degree pathway providers.

The MicroBachelors Program was announced in November 2019 during the edX Global Forum and was officially launched on 8 January 2020.

Media Release

edX Launches MicroBachelors Programs, an online undergraduate-level credential with the support of Yidan Prize Foundation

9 January 2020, Hong Kong SAR

edX announced the launch of its MicroBachelors Programs with the support of Yidan Prize Foundation. Anant Agarwal is the founder and CEO of edX, and also the Laureate of Yidan Prize for Education Development 2018. MicroBachelors programs provide an online undergraduate-level credential which will transform the future of work and higher education.

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