Yidan Prize 2021 nominations now open until 31 March 2021

Follow this link for details of the nomination process.

09 Feb 2021
Virtual, Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)
Everything you need to know about making a Nomination

Are you planning to make a nomination for the Yidan Prize? Our virtual information session can help you find out more about the process and learn what the judges are looking for. Packed with tips and advice on how to make your application stand out.

Yidan Prize Nomination Information Session

If you have any questions about the information session and/or nomination in general, please reach us at nomination@yidanprize.org.

Learn more about nominations

Welcoming remarks

Mr Edward Ma, Secretary-General, Yidan Prize Foundation

Keynote: what is innovation in education?

Dr Qian Tang, Chairman Advisory Committee, Yidan Prize Foundation; Former Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO

Getting to know the 2021 Yidan Prize Nomination

Ms Mabel Woo, Deputy Secretary-General, Yidan Prize Foundation

Live Q&A

Ms Mabel Woo, Deputy Secretary-General, Yidan Prize Foundation