03 Sep 2020 -
04 Sep 2020
Virtual (CEST)
Growth mindset online workshop

What is growth mindset?
A growth mindset is the belief that someone’s intellectual abilities can be developed over time. Research shows that holding a growth mindset is related to students’ intellectual achievement and teaching students a growth mindset can enhance their academic achievement. As a result, this topic is currently attracting much attention among researchers, educators and policy makers. 

A collaboration with OECD and Professor Carol S. Dweck
We have organised this workshop in partnership with The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The first two days of the workshop gathers leading experts and practitioners from around the world for presentations and moderated discussions. In addition to discussing current knowledge, they will present plans for a research agenda and an international infrastructure to guide the application of growth mindset in educational settings. Carol S. Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology, Stanford University, Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate 2017, and author of Mindset, is helping plan the workshop and will frame questions and issues.

The seventh round of OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA 2018, collected data on students’ growth mindset for the first time. PISA 2018 findings on growth mindset from almost 80 countries/economies will also be presented for discussion.

This workshop is part of a collaboration between OECD and Professor Carol Dweck to examine the impact of growth mindsets on educational outcomes and student well-being. The project will also examine the impact of helping teachers to create growth mindset cultures in their classrooms.