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23 May 2019
White Auditorium, Global Hub, Northwestern University, US
Yidan Prize Conference Series: The Americas 2019
The two 2018 Yidan Prize laureates, Professor Larry Hedges and Professor Anant Agarwal exchange insights with educators at the Yidan Prize Conference Series: The Americas 2019

At the Yidan Prize Conference Series: The Americas 2019, a diverse array of experts from leading universities, research firms and nonprofit organizations gathered at Northwestern University to explore how research findings may address inequities and improve practice in education. Themed “The Future of Evidence and Innovation in Education,” the two-day conference focused on the future of educational innovation and the role evidence plays in implementing educational ideals.

Photos & videos
Day 1
1pm – Welcome

Morton Schapiro, Northwestern University

Dr Charles Chen Yidan, Founder of the Yidan Prize

1:30pm – Opening address: The essential role of research evidence in education

Larry V. Hedges, Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate 2018 Northwestern University

2:15pm – Panel one: Synthesizing research evidence

Moderated by Elizabeth Tipton, Northwestern University

Pamela Buckley, University of Colorado Boulder

Emily Tanner-Smith, University of Oregon

Jeffrey Valentine, University of Louisville

3:15pm – Break
3:45pm – Panel two: Increasing demand for research evidence

Moderated by Jon Baron, Arnold Ventures

John Q. Easton, University of Chicago

David Myers, American Institutes for Research

Ruth Curran Neild, Mathematica Policy Research

5pm – Keynote: Developing the leadership essential to ensure all children can fulfil their potential

Wendy Kopp, Teach for All

Introduction by David Figlio, Northwestern University

6pm – Reception
Day 2
8:30am – Reconvene

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Northwestern University

8:45am – Laureate lecture: Reimagining education

Professor Anant Agarwal, Yidan Prize for Education Development Laureate 2018, Founder, edX

9:30am – Panel three: Expanding access to education

Moderated by Judith Scott-Clayton, Columbia University

Neil Finkelstein, WestEd

Kirabo Jackson, Northwestern University

Barbara Schneider, Michigan State University

10:30am – Break
11am – Panel four: Evaluating technological innovation

Moderated by Nichole Pinkard, Northwestern University

Jim Flanagan, International Society for Technology in Education

Herbert Ginsburg, Columbia University

Krista Marks, Woot Math

12:15pm – Closing statement

Jonathan Holloway, Northwestern University

Welcoming remark by Dr Charles Chen Yidan, Founder of the Yidan Prize, at the Yidan Prize Conference Series: The Americas
Welcoming remark by Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro at the Yidan Prize Conference Series: The Americas
Keynote address by Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-founder, Teach for All at the Yidan Prize Conference Series: The Americas
Open: Morton Schapiro & Charles Chen (English Captioned)
Laureate Lecture: Larry V. Hedges & Intro to STEPP Center: Elizabeth Tipton (English Captioned)
Panel 1: Synthesizing Research Evidence (English Captioned)
Panel 2: Increasing Demand for Research Evidence (English Captioned)
Keynote Address: Wendy Kopp (English Captioned)
Laureate Lecture: Anant Agarwal (English Captioned)
Panel 3: Expanding Access to Education (English Captioned)
Panel 4: Evaluating Technological Innovation (English Captioned)
Closing Statement: Jonathan Holloway (English Captioned)