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Special arrangements of 2020 nominations

As school campuses and offices are now moving into temporary shutdown and entering contingency planning mode due to COVID-19, we have received feedback concerning the limited access to available organizational resources and we fully understand that it can significantly interrupt preparation for making nominations for the Yidan Prize.

In light of these challenges, we would like to announce special arrangements for the 2020 nomination process:

  • An extended deadline for submission of nominations would now be set for 30 April, 2020, 23:59(Hong Kong Time, UTC+8); and
  • Nominator will be able to complete and submit the 2020 nomination without the mandatory requirement to include a 2-minute video to elaborate on proposed use of the Prize’s project funding portion to further impact of the nominees’ work.

Nomination Guidelines

Yidan Prize welcomes nominators from across different sectors and geographical regions. Nominators may be members of government bodies, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, and thought leaders in education and/or beyond. Nominees could be either an individual or a working team of up to three people – they may be teachers, researchers, academics, policy makers, or advocates, among others. The nomination system is built on our belief in celebrating one another’s work and achievements in the field of education. However, self-nomination is also accepted if the candidate can obtain recommendation letters from at least three supporters (at least two for regular nominations).

While posthumous nominations would not be accepted, nominees who are not awarded with the Yidan Prize could be nominated again in the future. Directors, Judging Committee members and Advisory Committee members of the Yidan Prize are not eligible to make nominations or be nominated.  In addition, nominators and supporters should not be family members of the nominee(s) or anyone who would possibly lead to a perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest.

Nominations for year 2020 must be submitted online at 

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.  Should you have further enquiries related to nomination, please contact us at

Checklist for completing a nomination

The nominee(s)’s personal details, including: full name, date of birth, email address, residential address, mobile phone number, name of his/ her/ their organization, position and title, curriculum vitae.​

A maximum 200-word biography of the nominee(s) that will be used in our Laureate announcement if the nominee(s) is selected for the Yidan Prize.​

A maximum 500-word statement summarizing the key features of the nominee’s work/achievement and their outcomes/effectiveness.

Descriptions of how the nominee(s)’s achievement meets the following criteria: “be future-oriented”, “be innovative”, “be transformative” and “be sustainable”. Maximum 1,000-word description for each criterion.

A 2-minute video from the nominee(s) on how he/she/they would use the project funding of HK$15 million (about US$1.9 million) if nominee(s) is/are selected as the Laureates. Recommended video formats are .MP4 / .MOV / .AVI & dimensions 1920 x 1080 (1080p), and under 84MB.

For nomination of the Yidan Prize for Education Research, please prepare the five most relevant peer-reviewed publications of the nominee. The nominator may either provide the hyperlinks of these publications or upload the relevant PDF files.

At least two and at most five recommendation letters from the supporters. Each letter shall not exceed 5,000 words. For self-nomination, at least three recommendation letters from the supporters are required. Each recommendation letter has to be written on official letterhead and signed by the supporter. The letters shall then be uploaded to us via the official platform. Alternatively, the letters can be copied and pasted to the dedicated text box. Contact details and business cards of the supporters are also required for verification.

Please note that the total size of all uploaded files for a nomination shall not exceed 20 MB (file size of the 2-minute video will be counted separately).

Judging Criteria

Given on an annual basis, Yidan Prize reaches out to the world to recognize and support individuals for their most forward looking innovation that creates sustainable impacts on education system of today and tomorrow. Each nomination will be reviewed according to a set of rigorous criteria in order to identify the very best individuals.