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3 August 2017
Hong Kong SAR
Tencent core founder calls for participation in the inaugural Yidan Prize Summit

Dr Charles Chen Yidan, Founder of Yidan Prize and core founder of Tencent has topped the latest Forbes China Philanthropy List. In his recent speaking engagements, he called for multi-stakeholder dialogue at the inaugural Yidan Prize Summit. As a key opinion leader in the field, we would like to invite you to be part of this important debate.

On 11 December 2017 in Hong Kong, the Yidan Prize Summit will convene a community of over 200 stakeholders at the highest level – spanning governments, businesses, academia, international organizations and NGOs – to uncover the challenges of today’s education for successful transition to a new era of human-machine interdependence.

Speaking at the recent Times Higher Education Innovation & Impact Summit, Charles talked about how technology may bring opportunities and challenges for the world’s education and how a multi-stakeholder dialogue can help facilitate a successful transition of education development across the globe.

Since the Yidan Prize was launched last year, Charles and the foundation visited Europe, Americas, Asia and other continents to encourage nominations for the Yidan Prize. Now, the nomination period is closed. While the winners will be announced in September, a ceremony will be held alongside the Yidan Prize Summit in December.

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