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Nomination for world’s largest education prize closes on March 31 | Founder, Dr Charles CHEN Yidan makes final call for nomination from Asia and the globe

28 March 2018, Hong Kong – Dr Charles Chen Yidan, Founder of Yidan Prize and Core Founder of Tencent Holdings, visited Singapore and called for final nominations.

Attended by over 1,800 world educators, professors, school principals and teachers, Dr Chen pointed out that education must be reformed to adapt a set of social, political and economic challenges at the International Baccalaureate (IB) Global Conference taking place in Singapore yesterday. He urged teachers on the front-line to change their mind-set in respond to the needs of a rapidly evolving society.

Dr Chen said: “Education has the power to transform lives and make the world a better place. We must do everything we can to broaden the horizons of our children, so that they can thrive in a world that lives only in our imagination right now. I want the Yidan Prize not only to show my support to the cause of education, but also to spread the word about best practice that could be accessed by all. I hope we receive many nominations from Asia and other countries.”

Since the Prize was founded in 2016, the Yidan Prize Foundation has been showcasing the Prize to Asia and the globe to encourage nominations in recognition of world’s brightest minds in education. In two years, the Foundation has set their footprints in China, South and South-East Asia and the Middle-East, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bhutan, Jerusalem, Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand), Yangon (Myanmar), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Gyeongju (Republic of Korea), Siem Reap (Cambodia), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Doha (Qatar), Bangalore (India) and Yerevan (Armenia). In addition to promoting the Prize, the foundation has engaged in discussions on what future-proof education system should be like and how it could benefit students across the globe.

Apart from Asia, Dr Chen and two Yidan Prize Inaugural Laureates visited the UK and the US earlier this year. In partnership with Jesus College and Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Foundation hosted two global education conferences at the University of Cambridge and Harvard University in January and February respectively.

Dr Chen also called for nomination for the 2018 Yidan Prize and the deadline closes on March 31 this year.

Established in 2016 by Chinese tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Charles Chen Yidan, the Yidan Prize recognizes individuals whose work transforms education in innovative ways that can be repeated around the world to provide access and improve the quality of education for all.

Dr Charles Chen Yidan shared his vision on education with over 1,800 global educators, professors, school principals, teachers and stakeholders at the IB Global Conference in Singapore




About the Yidan Prize

The Yidan Prize is founded by Dr Charles Chen Yidan, the core founder of Tencent Holdings Limited. The Prize aims to recognize and support change makers for their most forward looking innovation that can create sustainable impacts on education systems for a better future. The Prize comprises two categories – the Yidan Prize for Education Research and the Yidan Prize for Education Development. The Prize is financed and governed by a HK$2.5 billion (about US$320 million) independent trust. Each prize carries an award of HK$30 million (about US$3.87 million), with a cash award of HK$15 million (about US$1.9 million), a further HK$15 million (about US$1.9 million) project fund, and a gold medal. Through a series of initiatives, the prize serves to provide a platform that allows the global community to engage in conversation around education and to play a role in education philanthropy. For more information, please visit

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