Bringing together the brightest minds to build a better world through education

The Council of Luminaries gathers the world’s brightest minds—researchers, educators, neuroscientists, psychologists, economists, statisticians and innovators. The luminaries are determined to take concrete actions to close the inequality gap in education around the world. They aspire to build new bridges between the worlds of research and practice to make education more responsive to the challenges of the 21st century, and more inclusive for the millions of children who are marginalized by today’s systems.

The luminaries are a diverse group of highly accomplished leaders, who have developed both practical and theoretical expertise on education by drawing on different disciplines. In their own work, they have seen the power of education to change lives, transform communities, economies and societies, and build a better world. The council’s unique strength lies in its ability to have educational experts from multiple disciplines. This means, the council can look at problems from many different angles, from listening to learners and communities; and work together in teams that have different skills.

The council will:

  • Work together on real world problems
    Like using new evidence from the science of human development in learning programs, or working together to improve the quality of evidence coming from our projects.
  • Learn from one another
    Gain a greater understanding of each other’s work and draw on insights from the multi-disciplinary expertise of the group.
  • Engage the public in education’s newest ideas and research
    This calls for luminaries to share their own work with wider audiences.
  • Speak with a collective voice on the big issues
    Among them schools of the future, the role of technology and teacher development.