29 April 2022
#YidanReadingList: Books that our laureates read more than once

Many readers find a second read (or even fifth) helps refresh memory and discover insights that were missed at an earlier point of life. Read on to find out books that our laureates read more than once, and why.

This is a #YidanReadingList series we created on World Book and Copyright Day to spread the joy of reading and celebrate the power of books in cultivating creativity, diversity, and equal access to knowledge.

Rukmini Banerji

Dr Rukmini Banerji

Our 2021 Education Development laureate

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

“My parents taught English at college and university level. They often taught in parts of India where English was difficult for their students. When I was in primary school, my father had a blind student. To help this student, my father was always looking for someone who could read aloud. I had learned to read fluently quite early. I must have been eight or nine years old when I would sit with this student and read to him—the book was “War and Peace”. Although I read quite efficiently (and usefully for my listener), I was quite puzzled by what I was reading. It is only in my twenties when I re-read “War and Peace” that I understood its scale and depth. It is a book I read every now and then. In today’s world it still holds relevance.

Lucy Lake

Ms Lucy Lake

Our 2020 Education Development laureate

The Shadow King by Maaza Mengiste

“It brings a fresh perspective on historical events in Ethiopia and the often untold story of women in war. There are so many dimensions woven in—around gender and power, and the awe-inspiring backdrop against which this story unfolds—that it takes more than one read to mine the riches of this book.”

Angeline Murimirwa

Ms Angeline Murimirwa

Our 2020 Education Development laureate

Development as Freedom by Maxine Molyneux and Shahra Razavi

“This book informed and speaks to the origins/foundations of our CAMFED Association of women leaders.”

Carl Wieman

Professor Carl Wieman

Our 2020 Education Research laureate

The ABCs of How We Learn by D. Schwartz, et al.

“It is a very readable and thorough book about research in cognitive psychology, particularly aspects important to teaching and learning. Each time I read it I learn new subtleties and ideas about teaching.”

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