17 June 2022
CNBC Africa: Advancing STEM learning in Africa

CNBC Africa, 17 June 2022:

Zachariah Mbasu, Africa Lead at PhET Interactive Simulations, joined CNBC Africa to share how PhET helps advance science and math literacy in Africa. He explained, “PhET creates free, interactive math and science simulations that are based on extensive, cutting-edge educational research. These simulations engage learners through a game-like environment where students learn through exploration—they’re able to experiment, change variables, and make their own discoveries.”

Zachariah also discussed the need for STEM skills in Africa and reasons for a low uptake in STEM-related jobs. He shared his insights on promoting quality STEM education in the continent, and how governments in several African countries are making progress in this area.

Watch the full interview here.

Through our 2020 laureate Professor Carl Wieman’s project fund, the Yidan Prize is supporting PhET Fellows to expand the reach and impact of its simulations across Africa and Latin America.

Photo credit: Sam McKagan, licensed under CC BY 4.0