9 January 2023
Devex: ‘Watch: Do you know a change-maker in education research?’

“The Yidan Prize is about creating a better world through education. We are looking for work that is genuinely future-oriented and that helps us anticipate, to imagine different dimensions of the future and get ready for that; work that identifies the crucial educational questions of our times.

Creating a better world through education relies so much on innovation. Not just doing things better, but doing things really differently, and that’s the second criterion of the Yidan Prize. But, you know, having novel ideas doesn’t necessarily catalyze real change. Good ideas are only as valuable as our capacity to really act on them,” says Andreas Schleicher, our Head of the Judging Panel for Education Research.

By finding the most forward-thinking people in education research and building a community around them, we can adopt innovative ideas and support scalable educational practices.

He explains how Yidan Prize Judges rigorously assess nominations from around the world, and nominees are evaluated based on how future-oriented, innovative, transformative, and sustainable their work is. “We are looking for work that has the potential to create the kind of long-lasting changes that will make the world a better place,” says Schleicher.

In this interview with Devex, Andreas Schleicher shares the importance of a prize recognizing education research, what judges are looking for in a strong nomination and his advice to anyone considering making a nomination for the Yidan Prize.

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