21 November 2022
Education Week: ‘Linda Darling-Hammond Wins International Prize for Education Research’

“Equity involves getting all students access to excellent teaching and rigorous, rich, relevant learning opportunities. It means helping students learn as much as they can, developing their particular passions and interests, and meeting their needs along the way. Equity, however, is not about standardization—doing exactly the same thing with or for all students.

Given that students come to school with different experiences, starting points, and ways of learning, the teaching and learning process has to be personalized to a great extent. Sometimes this may mean expert use of collaboration and differentiation within the classroom. Sometimes it may mean intensive tutoring at key moments to help students accelerate their learning. It may mean after-school and summer school learning opportunities. It should never mean holding back some students from opportunities in favor of equal outcomes. Instead, it should always mean levelling up the opportunities to learn so that we have more accomplished, contributing members of society,” says Dr Linda Darling-Hammond, our 2022 Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate.

Linda talks about how her research and work came to focus on professional development and teacher preparation. She also acknowledges the deep divide between research and practice and the even deeper divide between research and policy. Given the deep disruption in light of the pandemic, it is important to encourage educators and policymakers to reinvent the way we do school.

In this interview with Rick Hess on Education Week, Dr Linda Darling-Hammond shares insights on why and how education systems, teacher learning and schools should be transformed to empower education for all.

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