18 November 2022
Dr Chris Thomas, our Director of Partnerships
The Escuela Nueva difference? Keeping students at the heart of learning
Pupils feel respected and loved
Correo amistoso—’friendly mail’—builds connections
A letter from a teacher to students

Learning is self-paced, active, and linked to the students’ world

Active learning
Applied learning
Wonder and exploration

Escuela Nueva (EN) students develop strong socio-emotional skills that help them learn at school and thrive in their personal lives

Teaching a younger student to garden
Learning together
Learning with support from a loving rabbit

The EN model develops teachers’ professional identities and career paths

Teacher training
Sharing good practice
Building a team across schools

It’s a long-term commitment that’s changing society

Vicky with 1st generation EN teacher, now principal
“I found my calling in rural education”
A former EN student becomes an EN teacher

This is opening the door to a bright future

The student government is ready for prime time
He advocates reduce, recycle, re-use
I am a leader

And inspiring a tree of dreams