14 December 2021
Hong Kong SAR
Yidan Prize Foundation calls for nominations for world’s highest education accolade

The world’s highest education accolade has launched a worldwide search to find the education innovators who will become its 2022 Yidan Prize laureates. The Yidan Prize Foundation will host a nomination webinar on 12 January 2022 to share tips on what the judges are looking for.

The webinar on 12 January is a one-hour session open to those eager to understand more about the HK$30 million Yidan Prize and the nomination process, including the qualities of a strong nomination, and the eligibility criteria for nominators and nominees. The session will include a live Q&A, giving attendees from across the globe the chance to have their questions answered.

The Yidan Prize consists of two prizes to recognize both researchers and practitioners: the Yidan Prize for Education Research and the Yidan Prize for Education Development. Laureates can be individuals, or teams of up to three members.

Unlike any other education award or prize, the Yidan Prize is designed for impact as laureates receive not only global recognition, but also a gold medal, a HK$15 million (approximately USD$1.9 million) cash prize, and a HK$15 million project fund distributed over three years, to scale up their education projects and support more learners globally.

The prizes are awarded by the Yidan Prize Foundation, a global philanthropic foundation dedicated to inspiring future progress and change in education, specifically ideas and practices with the power to positively change lives, systems, and society.

“We are thrilled that our laureates are driving progressive change in education. They are making the world a better place through their respective fields of expertise.” said Ms Mabel Woo, Deputy Secretary-General, Yidan Prize Foundation. “The Yidan Prize champions those who are already creating impact and provides them with resources to amplify their reach.”

“Our nomination webinar is open to all, and we encourage anyone who is considering submitting a nomination or knows someone who’s shaping the future of education to join us.”

From pioneering growth mindset learning to revolutionizing girls’ education in Africa, the Yidan Prize has supported and celebrated a diverse range of laureates across the globe. Together, they form the Yidan Prize Foundation’s global community, sharing work and ideas with educators, governments, philanthropists, civil society, and education service providers around the world.

Yidan Prize laureates and their work are building a better world through education:

  • Professor Eric A. Hanushek’s groundbreaking research on learning outcomes and the importance of teaching quality has influenced education policies globally. His work helped shape the UN SDG4 by reframing targets for learning outcomes. Professor Hanushek is Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.
  • CEO of Pratham Education Foundation, Dr Rukmini Banerji and her team are conducting assessments to understand and solve learning gaps among school children in India. To close these gaps, her team has pioneered a systematic, replicable approach called “Teaching at the Right Level”, which is reaching millions of children annually across the country and is spreading around the globe.
  • Professor Carl Wieman’s application of new teaching methods in STEM education has delivered over 1 billion STEM simulations in 93 languages through his PhET Interactive Simulation model. Professor Wieman is Professor of Physics & Graduate School of Education, Stanford University.
  • Ms Lucy Lake and Ms Angeline Murimirwa, CEO and Executive Director – Africa of CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education) are on a mission to eliminate poverty through empowering and educating young women across Africa. Through their work, 178,000 young women leaders educated with CAMFED’s support are now leading programs, poised to support millions more girls in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia to learn, thrive, and lead change.

To register for the 2022 Yidan Prize nomination webinar, sign up via the links below: