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The Yidan Prize logo design concept centers on the two Chinese characters yi (一) and dan (丹).

The name inspired Dr Kan to recall the idiom 一片丹心 (yī piān dān xīn), meaning “a loyal heart”. This reflects the wholehearted way outstanding scholars approach their quest for understanding, and is the basis for the design concept.

He rendered the yi character in traditional ink brush calligraphy. Passing through it are geometric lines symbolizing a door to unlimited knowledge.

The dan character is completed by a blooming lotus, which represents a loyal heart, the courage of commitment, and the blessings of education.

Yidan Prize medals

Yidan Prize gold medal designs are derived from ink brush paintings by Dr Kan. Both versions depict an individual on a mountain rock from which grows a pine tree. Each design is subtly different.

Yidan Prize for Education Research medal

The obverse of this medal depicts an individual meditatively posed beneath the pine tree, gazing into the light. This suggests how the recipient helps us look forward to a better world through our improved understanding of education. The reverse depicts The Thirteen Classics of Chinese philosophy. These are bound in western style to symbolize the international vision of the prize.

Yidan Prize for Education Development medal

The face of the Yidan Prize for Education Development medal shows the figure standing, poised ready to act and contemplating the light. We understand the recipient has reached a certain level of achievement, and is ready to progress their ideas in the future. The 20 pages depicted on the reverse of this medal represent the 20 books of the Analects of Confucius.