Yidan Prize 2021 nominations now open until 31 March 2021

Follow this link for details of the nomination process.

The Yidan Prize nomination process

2021 nominations now open until 31 March 2021.

Self-nominations are accepted. Posthumous nominations are not.
Nominee 1
Nominee 2
Nominee 3
The Yidan Prize recognizes teamwork and collaboration. Individuals and up to three-member teams may be nominated.
Supporter 1
Supporter 2
Supporter 3
Supporter 4
Supporter 5
Nominators require between two and five supporter recommendations. Self-nominations need at least three.

Nomination guidelines

  • Nominators can be members of government bodies, non-governmental organizations, professional associations, and thought leaders in education and learning. The nominator should be a credible witness to the impact of the nominee(s)
  • Nominees can be either an individual or a working team of up to three people. They can be teachers, researchers, academics, policy makers, or advocates, among others. A nomination must be accompanied by at least two recommendation letters from supporters
  • Self-nomination is accepted from candidates who obtain recommendation letters from at least three supporters
  • Posthumous nominations are not accepted
  • Nominees not awarded with the Yidan Prize may be nominated again in the future
  • Yidan Prize Directors, Judging Committee members and Advisory Committee members are not eligible to make nominations or be nominated
  • Nominators and supporters should not be nominee family members

What you need to submit a nomination

  • Nominees’ personal details
  • Biography and CV of nominee(s)
  • Statement from the nominator on the nominee(s) work/ achievements, outcomes and effectiveness
  • Explanation of how the nominee(s) and their achievements meet the judging criteria
  • Two-minute video from the nominee(s) on how they plan to use the project funding if selected
  • Five most relevant papers/publications (for the Yidan Prize for Education Research only)
  • Recommendation letters from nomination supporters
  • Ensure materials are within mandated file sizes (up to 20MB of files, plus another 84MB for the video file)