Making a nomination for the Yidan Prize

Who’s shaping the future of education?

We want to hear about them. Nominations for the 2022 Yidan Prize is now closed. Nominations for the 2023 Yidan Prize will start in October 2022.

As a nominator, you need to be a ‘credible witness’ to the nominee or nominees’ impact by having a thorough understanding of their work.
Nominee 1
Nominee 2
Nominee 3
You can nominate an individual, a team of up to three members, or even yourself.
Supporter 1
Supporter 2
Supporter 3
Supporter 4
Supporter 5
If you’re nominating someone else or a team, you’ll need at least two and up to five recommendation letters. If you are nominating yourself, you’ll need at least three recommendation letters.

Nominating for the 2022 Yidan Prize

We welcome all nominations. You don’t need to be invited to nominate an individual or a team for either the Education Research or Education Development prize.

You cannot make a nomination if:

  • You’d like to recognize your immediate family members
  • You’d like to recognize one of our current board directors, or on our current Judging or Advisory Committees
  • You’d like to recognize someone posthumously

Before getting started, refer to the below checklist to ensure you have everything you need from your nominee(s) and supporters.

Download our nomination checklist (available in English, French/Français, Chinese/中文, and Spanish/Español). You’ll need to submit your nomination in English.