A foundation for sustainability and resilience

The awarding of the Yidan Prize, and its various initiatives, are governed and managed by the Yidan Prize Foundation.

Based in Hong Kong SAR, the foundation ensures the integrity, transparency and sustainability of the prize.

The foundation is also responsible for communicating the Yidan Prize vision, and progressing its mission.


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How we are structured

The Yidan Prize ecosystem nurtures conditions where change makers in education can flourish and progress their ideas.
We aim to unite people from many nations and cultures, who bring experience in many fields. Together we work to make the world a better place through education.
Our organization is administered and governed by the following:

Board of Directors

Advisory Committee

Judging Committee



Shining a light on our progress


The Yidan Prize operates on the principle of openness and transparency. Publishing regular reports helps us keep this commitment. As we progress, we plan to share more information about our underlying operations and the activities that support them.

Yidan Prize Annual Report 2022

We’re proud to work with people changing systems—and lives. Here we shine a spotlight on voices at the heart of education around the world.

Yidan Prize Annual Report 2021

Our laureates’ projects demonstrate how great ideas can adapt. And they show us the power of personalized learning.

Yidan Prize Annual Report 2020

As the world changes, the education community comes together. Learn more from our annual report for 2020.

Yidan Prize Annual Report 2018 – 19

Beginning in 2019, the Yidan Prize aims to publish an annual report detailing highlights of the previous year.

Our partners

Progressing education research and development together


To further our mission we collaborate with a number of organizations, such as (listed alphabetically):