Professor Ju-Ho Lee

Professor Ju-Ho Lee served as Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of South Korea (2010-2013). He is currently a Chairperson and CEO of Education Commission Asia and a Commissioner of the International Commission on Financing the Global Educational Opportunity, Chair of the Education Workforce Initiative, and a Non-resident Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution. Before joining the ministry as a Vice Minister in 2009, he was Senior Secretary to the President for Education, Science, and Culture. He has been noted for his education reform endeavors and active lawmaking as a member of the National Assembly (2004-2008). His policy entrepreneurship began when he worked as a research fellow in Korea Development Institute (KDI).

After his 9-year service in the Korean parliament and government, he returned to academia in 2013 as a professor of the KDI School of Public Policy and Management. Utilizing his experience as a high-rank public servant, he actively resumed his research on human capital and innovation policies, covering a wide range of issues such as 21st century skills, 4th industrial revolution and learning revolution, education workforce design, innovation ecosystem and government reform. He has written many articles and several books including human Capital and Development: Lessons and Insights from Korea’s Transformation (2018) and Positive Changes: The Education, Science & Technology Policies of Korea (2012). He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Seoul National University and his Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University in 1990.