Yidan Prize 2021 nominations now open until 31 March 2021

Follow this link for details of the nomination process.

Keeping everything on track

The Secretariat provides administrative and operational support for the foundation, as directed by the Board of Directors. It is responsible for the implementation of projects or activities to further and support the foundation’s objectives and vision. The Secretariat is led by the Secretary-General, Mr Edward Ma.

Mr Edward Ma
Secretary-General, Yidan Prize Foundation
Mr Edward Ma

Mr Edward Ma was inspired by his unique experience studying at Cambridge University, where he was surrounded by brilliant minds, pursuing excellence in education, learning and research at the highest level.

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Ms Mabel Woo, Program Director
Ms Betty Yee, Strategic Planning Specialist
Ms Joy Wong, Program Manager
Ms Amy Cheng, Program Assistant


Ms Rachel Ip, Communications Strategist
Ms Iris Lo, Communications Manager

Adminstration and Finance

Ms Maggie Tang, Administration Director
Ms Lily Law, Finance Manager