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The Yidan Prize

Founded in 2016 by Dr Charles CHEN Yidan, Yidan Prize has a mission to create a better world through education. Yidan Prize consists of two awards: Yidan Prize for Education Research and Yidan Prize for Education Development. Yidan Prize Laureate receives a gold medal and a total sum of HK$30 million (around US$3.9 million). Half of this amount is  a cash prize and the other half is to be used as a project fund. To ensure transparency and sustainability, the prize is managed by Yidan Prize Foundation and governed by an independent trust with an endowment of HK$2.5 billion (around US$323 million). Through a series of initiatives, the prize serves to establish a platform that allows the global community to engage in conversation around education and to play a role in education philanthropy.

 The Worldwide Educating for the Future Index

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The World’s Largest Education Prize

2018 Laureates



Yidan Prize Inaugural Laureates honored at Harvard Graduate School of Education

7 February 2018, Hong Kong – Dr Charles CHEN Yidan, the Founder of the world’s biggest education prize – the Yidan Prize – visited Harvard Graduate School of Education together with the two Yidan Prize inaugural laureates, Professor Carol S. DWECK and Ms Vicky COLBERT, to meet with world leading academia and educators on …

Yidan Prize Convenes Educating for the Future Conference in Cambridge

31 January 2018, Hong Kong – Dr Charles CHEN Yidan, founder of the world’s biggest education prize – the Yidan Prize – will address leading global academics and educators on key issues facing the sector today at the Yidan Prize Cambridge Conference on 29-30 January 2018. Also speaking alongside Dr Chen will be one of the two inaugural laureates of the Yidan Prize …

Yidan Prize Summit Set An Outlook For The Future Of Education | Over 350 world leaders exchange insights and strategies for redefining education

11 December 2017, Hong Kong – With today’s education system remaining crucial to equipping the new generation for the increasingly complex and uncertain future, the world’s largest international prize in education – the Yidan Prize – presents the inaugural Yidan Prize Summit to navigate effective ways to revolutionize education to propel mankind into an …

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Second Yidan Prize Summit Sets Forth Ideas for Educating for the Future

10 December 2018, Hong Kong – The second Yidan Prize Summit took place in Hong Kong on 10 December 2018, featuring the Prize’s second cycle of laureates – Professor Larry V. HEDGES of Northwestern University and Professor Anant AGARWAL of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – as well as …

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Honors Two Outstanding Scholars for Their Contributions to Education Reform at Yidan Prize Award Presentation Ceremony

9 December 2018, Hong Kong, The world’s leading educational award, Yidan Prize, announced earlier this year that the 2018 Yidan Prize for Education Research and Yidan Prize for Education Development would be awarded to …

Yidan Prize Laureates 2018 honored at the Yidan Prize Dialogue event in Boston

31 October 2018, Cambridge – The Yidan Prize Foundation, which every year awards the world’s largest prize in education to leading educators and researchers, hosted a Yidan Prize Dialogue event on 30 October 2018 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to several of the world’s leading universities …