Creating a better world through education

Where learning flourishes, so does society. We’re a global education foundation, nurturing the brightest ideas in education.

About the foundation

Our mission

We’re a global foundation committed to creating a better world through education.

We believe that when we recognize the most innovative minds in educational research and practice and build a global learning community around them, we accelerate adoption of the best ideas and practices. This will improve the quality of education around the world, and make it easier to access.


The Yidan Prize

Our prizes work in harmony to build a network of educational experts who’re as strong in research as they are in practical application.

Yidan Prize for Education Research
The theory of learning—science, psychology, statistics—that can help educators gain a more methodical understanding of their approaches.

Yidan Prize for Education Development
The practice of learning—new methods, ways to make education more widespread—so we can champion techniques that work.


Our laureates
The Yidan Prize laureates are individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to improving education quality and expanding access to learning.
Our global community
We make greater, faster progress together. That's why we’re bringing people closer together, so we can speak with a shared voice on issues that matter in education.