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Education in emergencies
Equity, access, and diversity
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Social emotional learning
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Sir Fazle Hasan Abed
Dr Rukmini Banerji
Dr Linda Darling-Hammond
Professor Eric Hanushek
Professor Anant Agarwhal
Professor Carol Dweck
Vicky Colbert
Professor Usha Goswami
Professor Larry Hedges
Lucy Lake
Angeline Murimirwa
Professor Carl Wieman
Professor Yongxin Zhu
Professor Michelene Chi
Shai Reshef
Professor Thomas Kane
Salman Khan
Professor Patricia Kuhl
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Our global community
We make greater, faster progress together. That's why we’re bringing people closer together, so we can speak with a shared voice on issues that matter in education.
Our laureates
The Yidan Prize laureates are individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to improving education quality and expanding access to learning.