Bringing change makers together to progress education

Yidan Prize cultivates an inclusive global community of educators and learners. 

We believe that collaboration between diverse change makers can have a powerful collective impact on the future of education.

Our aim is to establish a platform that brings together innovative minds in philanthropic capital, policymaking, and education.


An exceptional cohort

Yidan Prize laureates have made and are making an outstanding contribution to the future of education.

By bringing them together under the auspices of the Yidan Prize we hope to amplify their efforts and the societal benefits they promise.


Our wider circle of changemakers

In 2020 we established our Council of Luminaries to advance the progress of our mission. The objective is to amplify the power of our global community by increasing its diversity and range of experience.

Each member of this by-invitation group is making a significant contribution to the future of education and learning. We bring them together with the Yidan Prize laureates at a variety of collaborative events and engagements.