Mabel Woo

Deputy Secretary-General

Mabel Woo serves as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Yidan Prize Foundation, where she oversees the nomination and judging process as well as the implementation of various programs and events of the Yidan Prize. She also works closely with our laureates and members of the Council of Luminaries, Advisory Committee, and Judging Committee, including representatives from the United Nations, World Bank, academia, and education practitioners.


As one of the four founding staff supporting the launch of the Yidan Prize in May 2016, she is passionate about education and believes education can offer a new lens to individuals to better understand the world and is essential to prepare the youth for the future. By bringing together education experts into the community of Yidan Prize Foundation, she hopes to amplify impactful education initiatives and drive positive social change. 


With a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a master’s degree in Counselling from The University of Hong Kong, Mabel has over a decade of experience in the public and social sector and has a strong track record in organizing and running global flagship programs and charity events.