The Yidan Prize

Recognizing changemakers in education since 2017

The highest accolade in education

We recognize the brightest minds in education and build a community around them. A community that promotes collaboration, shares what works, and is as strong in research and testing as it is in practical application. That's why our prizes span two areas:


Education Research
The theory of learning—science, psychology, statistics—that can help educators gain a more methodical understanding of their approaches.


Education Development
The practice of learning—new methods, ways to make education more widespread—so we can champion techniques that work.


Each year, we award our laureates a gold medal, a cash prize of HK$15 million (shared equally for teams), and a project fund of HK$15 million to help them scale up their work.


We welcome all nominations; our process is open to everyone. You don’t need to be invited to nominate a team or individual for either the Education Research or Education Development prize.


Find out more about making a nomination for the Yidan Prize.

Our independent Judging Committee

Our judges put the 'prize' into Yidan Prize Foundation: they go through each nomination carefully, analyze the entries, and decide on our laureates. There are two panels—one for each prize—both overseen by our Chairman.

Meet the judges

What our judges look for

We’re looking for evidence that it:


  • addresses one or more critical issues in education
  • has results that already have (or look likely to have) a wide global impact
  • could meet new challenges and spread inclusive and fair education for all
  • has the potential to shape the future of education.

We’re looking for evidence that it:


  • is original, ground-breaking research
  • sets the bar for high quality, scientific method
  • shows new, creative approaches to education
  • could help us develop skills, knowledge, and self-awareness to shape society for the better.

We’re looking for evidence that it:


  • has influenced leading educators’ thinking
  • can influence the global education community
  • looks likely to build a better world through education.

We’re looking for evidence that it:


  • has already sparked change in some settings—and could spread to many more
  • has the potential to create the kind of long-lasting change that makes the world better.

Final considerations

What is the potential impact?

  • What does the nominee hope to achieve in three years?
  • What are the key areas of focus?

You can find a full breakdown and more information about how to nominate an individual or team in our nomination guide.


Download it in EnglishFrench/FrançaisPortuguese/PortuguêsSimplified Chinese/简体中文, and Spanish/Español.

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