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Developing teacher education for deeper learning and equity



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Dr Linda Darling-Hammond

Professor of Education Emerita, Stanford University; President and CEO, Learning Policy Institute


Educator preparation; Education policy and practice; School redesign; Equitable opportunities; Science of learning

Fostering equitable and empowering education for all children

Dr Linda Darling-Hammond has devoted her career to making sure all children can benefit from a meaningful education. Starting out a public school teacher in the US, her work answers questions around how children learn and how best to teach them. Crucially, she’s also made research easier for policymakers to grasp and use, so her findings have helped millions of students.


Linda’s early research focused on how to level the playing field for underserved students. This was driven by seeing first-hand how inequality in school funding directly shapes teaching capacity and students’ learning outcomes.


Since then, she’s worked with education and policy leaders across both the US and more than 15 countries worldwide, helping inform teacher-development programs and policies. These have centred on how teachers can learn evidence-based teaching methods that are effective for even the most underserved students.


Linda has also worked on a more local level too, personally establishing a preschool and a public high school in an underserved community to put her principles into practice. She’s founded multiple organisations to foster better research and networking in the world of education, including the Learning Policy Institute (LPI) in 2015. She also launched the LPI’s Educator Preparation Laboratory (EdPrepLab) with Bank Street Graduate School of Education in 2019.

With an unwavering drive to see every learner reach their full potential, regardless of social background, gender and geography, Linda has spent her life building research tools that support policy and practice to create better and fairer educational opportunities. Her influence on public policy has helped policy architects shape positive changes for children on a large scale.

Andreas Schleicher

Panel Head, Judging Panel for Education Research, Yidan Prize

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Developing teacher education for deeper learning and equity

EdPrepLab is expanding its reach and researching equity-led teacher preparation programs that promote deeper learning.



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